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Event News

WORLD ORDER in OSAKA 2019 – The Event is officially Announced! (Nov. 17, 2018)

"WORLD ORDER in OSAKA 2019" is an Event organized by the WO Fans, who formed the "WO Osaka Live Show Executive Committee". It will be held next February 23rd, 2019 at "Flamingo the Arusha", a Live Club in Osaka.
In this Event, you'll be able to enjoy broadly the unique Charm of Dance Performance Unit WORLD ORDER. All the Information will be provided in this Site.

What's "WORLD ORDER in OSAKA 2019"?


The amazing Dance Skills, the Breathing, the sound of their Steps, the muscles in Motion... a special occasion to experience Dance Performance Unit WORLD ORDER in a unique setting, Up close and personal!!

PART 1: Experience WORLD ORDER in a Space where you can almost touch them with your hands!

WORLD ORDER is a Dance Performance Unit with a wide range of fans worldwide, and all their Videos on YouTube are hugely popular.
In recent years, they have appeared in Commercials and Corporate Events in the Asian Region and their activities have been mainly overseas. But increasing voices asking "I want to see more LIVE Shows in Japan!" or "I want to watch them LIVE and not only on Video!" have shown there is a growing need.

So this time, we'll hold a Show entitled "Special Showcase", a Show where you can enjoy the original Music and Dance in a relaxed and intimate Venue in Osaka, for the first time since four years.
Enjoy a full Performance, more powerful than the Music Videos, in a Venue where the Breathing and Movements are directly transmitted.

And, after the Performance, a Talk-Session where you can hear the stories behind the shooting of the Music Videos, will be held.

PART 2: Interactive Event with WORLD ORDER Members!

In contrast to their Breath-taking Performances, the unusually unartificial Personality of the Members off the Stage, is actually one of WORLD ORDER's main attractions.
Enjoy a Buffet Dinner including a free drink, while spending a good time with them.

Further Details and Information will be Updated regularly on this Site.

Event Summary

Event Name WORLD ORDER in OSAKA 2019
Time Saturday, February 23rd, 2019
Venue Restaurant & Live Club "Flamingo the Arusha", Osaka, Japan.
Starring WORLD ORDER: Genki Sudo, Akihiro Takahashi, Hayato Uchiyama, Yusuke Morisawa, Ryuta Tomita
Special Guest (to be confirmed): Former Member Takashi Jonishi from AirFootWorks.
And... Organizer: WO Osaka Live Show Executive Committee
In Cooperation with: Idealism Inc.
Planning and Production: WO Osaka Live Show Executive Committee, Flamingo the Arusha
Part1 WORLD ORDER Special Showcase & Talk Live
Time Doors 13:15 Start 14:00
Total Duration of Show and Talk: Around 80 Min.
Price 8,000 yen (tax included) Available only in Pre-sale.
*All seats are designated.
*Consume of at least one Drink during the Show is REQUIRED.
Part2 WORLD ORDER Fan Meeting & Party
Time Doors 17:00 Start 17:30
Duration: About 90 minutes are planned for the exchange party including Buffet Dinner.
Price 10,000 yen (tax included) Available only in Pre-sale.
*All seats are designated.
*Includes Dinner in Buffet Style with free drink.

WO Osaka Live Show Executive Committee

Mainly built by Fans living in the Kansai Area, it was launched with the aim of bringing a WORLD ORDER High quality Performance to as many people as possible.
From a state of Zero, we planned, negotiate, designed, created and managed the Show.
All done on a Volunteer Basis by the Committee Members, and not for profit.
With the cooperation and efforts of Members, Fans, and all people involved, we're striving with the goal of presenting a Show full with smiling faces.

Twitter: @OsakaWo

Ticket Information

Ticket Sales Site

Application period for the event is now closed.


Under the supervision of Idealism Inc. original Merchandise Articles will be sold at the Venue on the Day of the Event.
By Each Item, Purchase limited to Two, per person.
Please bring your own shopping bag if you need.

Tin-Badge 2 piece Set
Tin-Badge 4 piece Set

Access to Venue

Restaurant & Live Club "Flamingo the Arusha", Osaka, Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Venue

There is no private parking lot. Please use the nearby coin parking.

Hand-Bags or Hand-Luggage can be left at the reception desk on the Event day. Please keep your valuables with you.

We're terribly Sorry, but entrance for Pre-school children is not allowed.

It is. Since the specified Places are on the 1st Floor, please contact us once through the "Tickets Inquiries" on the Ticket Sales Site, after purchasing the tickets.

About Food & Beverages

Yes, Alcohol is also included.

About Presents etc. for the Artists

Letters and Presents will be kept at the reception desk, and will be handed to the Artists later on. Please write the Name of the recipient Member, clearly on the Outside of the given Item.
Also, please refrain from giving the items directly to the Artists.
Furthermore, the Presents will be transported by Express Parcel Service. Please refrain from offering fragile Items like fresh flowers, raw food, bottled beverages, etc.
We're sorry for any inconvenience.

If you'd like to send flowers or similar, please contact the Venue directly.

About Merchandise

Merchandise will be sold at the 1st Part of the Event, from Doors Opening until the Start of the Show, and at the 2nd Part, also from Doors Opening until Show begin.
However, as the Stock is limited, please remark that Sales may be terminated already in Part 1.

Reservations or Pre-Orders are not accepted. The Merchandise will be sold on the day of the Event, in the Order of the queue at the Merch Stand.

About Photography & Video during the Event

Please refrain from taking Photos and / or Video from the moment the Show starts.
However, it will be possible to take Photographs for a short period, when the Moderator of the Event authorizes it. Please refrain to do it at any other time during the Show.

On that day, the Event staff may take Photos and / or Video, for documentation purposes.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to protect the Privacy of all attendants.

For Inquiries

The Questions we get most asked, will be answered in our FAQ Section, so please take a look.
Otherwise, please fill in the Inquiry Form.

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